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Afrika 21 Mixtape Vol.2 mixed by Dj freizZe of the Ahficionados (click this)

AFRIKA21 vol. 2 Playlist
Stimela (Coal Train) -Hugh Masekela (South Africa)
Dear Africa-Blitz The Ambassador (Ghana) & Les Nubians (Camaroon)
Lungu Lungu (Nobody Moves Remix)-FOKN BOIS (Ghana)
Mikono Kwenye Hewa -Muthoni The Drummer Queen (Kenya)
La bas -Sam (Congo)
Til’ I’m Gone -Tinie Tempah (Nigeria)
Back It Up -Jonah (Zimbabwe)
Chikali -Zone Fam (Zambia)
Break My Heart-Estelle (Senegal)
You Don’t Like It ft. Boogie Blind -Jean Grae (South Africa)
Hki -Gracias aka Deogracias Masomi (Congo)
America -K’naan (Somalia)feat. Mos Def
Ra Tat Tat Hot -Sheba (Ethiopia)
FELA Interlude – Fela // De La Soul (Gummy Soul Remix)
No One Be Like You -Wale ft. P-Square (Nigeiria)
Super Sun (Remix) -Bez ft. eLDee, Eva & Ice Prince (Nigeria)
Bamijo -Dr. Sid, eLdee, Ikechukwu, & MI (Nigeria)
He Ta Pa Te -Jericho(Namibia)
Wasting My Time -Zakes Batwani (South Africa)
Asthma Attack -CocknBullKid (Ghana)


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Park Hotel

40 West 40th St

btwn 5th & 6th

9pm – 2am

music by

Block Boys

Dj Frei (the AH$), DJ Trauma (SP.Int’l), Danny Ocean (theMreporter)



Vernon Scott aka

Cut Master
Cool Vee

(Celebrity Barber)

Birthday Party



Mercel Hotel

corner of 24th and 3rd

entry w/RSVP






602 Pacific St near Flatbush
& 4th

9pm – 4am

* Dj Trauma * the M reporter


& Vicious

@ the Empire Room 33rd St btwn 5th & 6th10pm
to 4amFREE till 12 on list onlyRsvp to


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Friday, July 29th
and EVERY Friday afterwards!
“the Livingroom” @Machavelle -602 Pacific St. near Flatbush and 4th Ave
Music By the Block Boys
DJ Trauma, DJ Frei, & Danny Ocean
Food served kitchen, NEVER closes!

Chicken wings & finger ($6 each), Fried shrimp ($8),
Wraps (buffalo, chicken caesars, veggie, shrimp) ($6-$10)
Crab cakes ($12)

Wine ($5-$8) a glass
Draft beer ($4-$5)
Bottled beer ($4-$7)
Signature drinks ($7-$10)

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Its gonna be an Ahfficial Weekend in Brooklyn with two rooftop parties saturday and sunday!! Email for details.

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Ahficionados LIVE at Lincoln Center August 7th 2011 w/ Chief Boima, Iyadede,
Spooek Mathambo and Blitz the Ambassador

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For those of you that have been paying attention to my tweets and/or my status/statements on facebook have somewhat of a clue as to what the Grey Era “the age of experience” is about. Some of you newcomers to the Ahficionados, FREElikefrei movement may have come to just know me as one of Brooklyn’s very own neighborhood Deejay/Promoter who has traveled the boroughs giving its residents some of the best parties and nightlife events for the last 10 years. But here’s something some of you don’t know before the era of Serato and #Celebrity-Deejays making good coin off this craft FREElikefrei was doing what a lot of you brand newbies consider emceeing and producing. Back when demos was still being put on cassette tapes and major labels never heard of a Mp3. Rocking stages like Tramps, Thoughtforms Underground,Wetlands and the Knitting Factory (Tribeca NYC) to name a few. Now I’m not saying this for nostalgia sake but to give you a point of reference and to let those ignorant minded fools know not to get it twisted on some “Oh now he wants to be a rapper” nonsense. This music is in my veins like an addict with a needle and keeps calling me back when I try to walk away. Why now you ask? Basically because I can, dammit! lmao! Nah seriously, it’s really about being comfortable and also I feel my level and career is unmatched in a lot of ways. It’s not that there’s nobody out there that can’t dj, produce, emcee, promote, style and make videos on their own but I’ve been in it for minute and I feel I built a lane that takes years of understanding and learning one’s self. Its one of the reasons I’ve titled this project the Grey Era. The color grey stands for a mixture in this world of color and so “If life is truly black and white then I’m gonna put it together”. Now for you’re listening pleasure here’s a raw unmastered version of a song I’ve titled “Blame Me/She Sexy”. Its about a dude in a relationship with a woman who he’s clearly dating for superficial reasons. I know plenty of guys can relate to keeping a “bad bitch” who ain’t about shit on his team. Difference here is how many admit it? Your feedback and comments are appreciated.
FREElikefrei MUSIC download : Blame Me/She Sexy click here

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May 28th

Fort Greene


The Kick Off
Party Act Two


the Ahficionados

(Dj ‘frei)

the Abstract

(Dj Q-tip)


the Creator

(Dj Pete Rock)

LIVE from

for more details


Subject : the
Abstract & the Creator Party