Dear Summer,
I can’t wait for you to return to Brooklyn. I yearn for your sunshine kisses and warm arms of weather to surround me. I got plans for us to spend afternoons riding bikes, going to bbqs and rooftop parties with pitchers of sangria on the weekends. I want to smell you in the night air with the sounds of good music playing all around us while we dance belly to belly. I’m so looking forward to seeing you; I’ve been telling my friends about this years FORT GREENE FESTIVAL which is still three months a way and how I truly feel like its gonna be one of the best times ever! Good thing this month there’s the KICK OFF PARTY with RICH MEDINA, ALI SHAHEED MUHAMMED ( A Tribe Called Quest), JAHMEDICINE, DJTRAUMA (SoundProof Int’l/Alador&Smith), The AHFICIONADOS and MORE! RSVP NOW to FT.GREENFESTRSVP@GMAIL.COM to get the details to this AHmazing PARTY!! To learn more about the FORT GREENE FESTIVAL and/or looking to get involved contact Subject : Ft.Green Connect


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