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Posted in Ahfficial Weekends on November 3, 2010 by the Ahficionados



For a while my AHfiliates and I have been
trying to find the perfect place to continue our movement of
1st Saturday Parties in Brooklyn.
This saturday on
November 6th join us we launch BROOKLYN PROPER "a social for the
few that want more". We’ll have complimentary champagne for the first hour
along with give a ways from
WndrLnd (Celebrating their 3rd Yr Anniversary), Brooklyn Pedigree, GUTS and more! Music
provided by
the Ahficionado$ and Special Friends! RSVP is a must for this
party to obtain
FREE like ‘frei entry. Others will be subject
a general admission that will increase as the night progresses. I look forward
to seeing you there!
for RSVP