I had never thought about mixing or blending the music of Ms. Adu and her superdope supertight band [know to us as Sade – or sometimes “Sadie” lol.] I always said to myself that I wouldn’t touch it [her music] it stands alone …that was until I heard pre Welfare Poets / G.A.M.E. rebellion member [Admiral] Emi banging around on my turntables with Sade on one table while he was mixing in one of the hottest instrumentals of that time – I stopped dead in my tracks as I instantly knew that I would be eating my words – Indeed. The music of Sade is timeless. As another masterpiece is about to be dropped [yeah yeah – I know it’s been leaked but I WILL be purchasing the download AND 2 piece a ********** vinyl when I locate it on that format !!] And after much prodding and inquiry from a few key people in my life, I figured that now would be a good time to share some of my most coverted Sade mixes. A few are floating around in the cosmos on cassette tapes from 19 longtime and also on the web [ I was featured on DJ Hard Hittin Harry Global Jam Session – more on that later] but aside from that, unless you heard these being spun live, or knew somebody that knew somebody, you never really heard these…

Free like’frei download


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