Ah The Team

owner and founder of SoulvibesDigital/Iye School Enterprises

Binghi Mon!

Professor Bing aka BingNotty aka Binghi is the one main reason Ahficionados has such an extensive  music library. He’s the care taker of  the vintage record collection owned by the Ahficionados consisting of many musical genres from Roots Rock Reggae to today’s current top 40 material. Bing has deejayd since “19 Long Time!” as he like to explain. He’s also the professor of the AH because he’s educated the others on fundamentals of deejaying.

B Dot of the AB's/ the Ahficionados

The Quiet Genius!

B.Forealla aka B Dot known to many as Bobby is the “Quiet Genius” of  the Ahficionados. Although he keeps a low profile his presence can be felt through his music production style. Fully skilled as a writer and musician B.Forealla diversifies his sound through many genres. From Pop tunes to Hardcore Hip Hop beats he consistantly puts the thump where it needs to be!

Pretty Black, BlackFruitPunch, Blackocaine aka TooManyNames.lol

Black Majik

Pretty Black, BlackFruitPunch, Blackocaine, DondiDeffrei aka Too Many Nicknames known to most friends and family as simply frei is director and founder of the Ahficionados. ‘frei has been active in the Brooklyn/NYC nightlife  scene since the late 90’s. From hosting to performing to deejaying to promoting with some of today’s and yesterday’s best. From Questluv to Dead Prez to Talib Kweli, Mos Def to Pete Rock to Easy Mo Bee, T.I, Melo-X, Jasmine Solano, Jesse Boykins iii and so many others. ‘frei’s main focus is to make sure Ahficionados becomes a house whole name  amongst all the others before them. He’s also one  of BK’s go to Deejays/Promoters when people are looking for a no cover, good music, beautiful people/crowed party. Just look for the text or email blast that says FREE like ‘frei.


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